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Electric Vehicle and Facility Consulting
Facility and Station Planning and Project Management

Advanced Monetization and Software Integration

Program Assessment, Qualification and Funding
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It's Not Black and White
Strategy, Timing, Value

Ai, Deep Learning, Machine Learning

Crafted Solutions That Inspire
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Elevate Strategize Energize
Core Practice:   Management Consulting, Business Consulting.
| Practice Areas:   Strategy, Process, M&A, Startup. |
Other Services:    Executive and Team Development Programs, Training
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Maximize Profits & Revenue
Maximize Long Term Revenue and Increased Profitability

Identify, Maximize, and Expand Unrealized Potential

Meicor Delivers:   Market and Business Optimization
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Consulting for Startups
Elevate Your Potential

Change the Odds
From 28% to 91% to Surviving the first 10 Years
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Our Approach
A Highly Developed Integrated Methodology

Analysis, Collaboration, Understanding, Delivering Answers and Strategies
1-1, Team, Department, Organization
Advise and Represent, Coach and Mentor
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Electric Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
EV Charging, Saving Money, EV Charging Station Installation, Maximizing EV Charging Stations
Expertise and Project Management
EV Charging Stations
EV Charging Station Consulting Services. Meicor Electric is a full-service EV charging station consulting company with offices in the US and Canada. We have been assisting organizations to help them reduce their carbon footprint and become more efficient since 1999. Our services range from site analysis, charging station hardware, installation, software integration, incentive maximization, project administration, maintenance and maximize the location goals of monetizing and increasing utilization of charging stations.
Let us Help
1. EV Charging Station adoption is at a rapid pace, incentives and rebates have never been more attractive.
2. Monetize charging stations.
3. Provide employees and clients access to chargers
4. Utility and service vehicle transition to electric will require access to power
3. Electric vehicle (EV) sales have surged, with growth in all three top auto markets: China, the US, and Europe. Sales increased by 160% in the first half of 2021 from a year earlier
Complete Project Management
We take a holistic and practical approach to single and multi site project management.
- Analysis
- Site Dynamics
- TCO - Total Cost of Ownership - Electrical and Infrastructure Review
- Load analysis considerations
- Timelines and expectations
- Equipment and Software
- Financial and Utility Integration
- Equipment and Software Support


Strategic Consulting

Stay ahead of your industry with strategic decisions and planning.  You will expect higher earnings and superior profits, while beating your competition. In an environment of disruption critical strategy is the key to success.  We take a look at your business, your industry, and provide the key insights to creating long term stability and success. Your benefit is our calculated road to long term success and growth.

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Startup Success

With 100's of Millions of dollars in successful start-ups we are experienced in making you and your company successful. Change your startup odds from 28% to 91% after 10 Years. Thrive in any market conditions.

We will help you at whatever stage you are at. Our approach is practical, and proven. Together we will develop the goals and plans you need and prepare you for for rapid growth in a predictable way.

We will help you prepare the presentations and documents you need to connect you with investors, and lenders.

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Process Improvement and Operations

Proven and practical approaches to greater efficiency, lowering costs, and increasing productivity.  Our process includes: Identification, Analysis, Solution, then Benchmarking.  We take a comprehensive analytic and practical approach. 

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Our Commitment

We are relentlessly in pursuit of the highest value outcomes possible.  From start to finish we see the long game, and with you all the way.

Although some problems have fast efficient solutions others take time and commitment.  We are always thinking marathon, not a short sprint.

Every client is unique and every engagement is an opportunity for Meicor to deliver success.

We have over 30 Years of success, we want to bring that to you.


Our core is to deliver tangible results delivering the highest value possible to our clients.  In all areas of our engagements we are strive to deliver higher performance, forward strategies, and process optimization.

Throughout our process we take a deep dive to discover how and where we can deliver the greatest results.  We focus outcomes with the highest strategic benefits that optimize and increase profit, cash-flow and value.  Our process uncovers the clearest path to utilizing the strengths at hand, and serving the best independent advice to drive those outcomes.

  We develop concepts and solutions for the entire organization down to its divisions, departments, and teams. We work closely with the company to flush out and fulfill strategies and innovation. The market and landscape is our canvas and blue sky thinking.

Our team will take a deep dive into organization and processes, sales, operations, purchasing, management accounting, and control (controlling), finance, and IT. Our clients are mid-sized and large enterprises, as well as public organizations and non-profits.

Our approach to consulting is based on an intensive partnership and cooperation with our clients. Fair and team-oriented interaction at all levels, with a constant eye on results, leads to working solutions that our clients accept. Tailor-made training courses ensure that all employees quickly master the new concepts and changed processes.

We are a business and management consulting firm operating in Canada and the US.  Our offices are in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Toronto, Canada.   Our Performance Optimization solutions improve the results by tapping growth potential and deploying resources more efficiently.


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