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Sales AI

Sales AI

November 21, 2019

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The Power of AI

Developing AI Strategies Part 1 – Sales

The Power of Ai in 2020 and Beyond

In this series we will address the opportunities and challenges around developing and implementing Ai in the workplace. At the current pace of development and implementation of intelligence gathering and interpretation it is a critical strategy for companies to get ahead of the competition.  In our introduction we address some general topics, and in later articles address challenges, concerns, limitations and more functional implementation road-maps.  We begin with some immediate sales opportunities, the methodologies employed, some interpretations and some practical advice.


Successful sales are rooted in creating bonds with clients and creating trust through all means of communication.  As sales teams are globalized and markets become more competitive, the greatest opportunities for increasing trust and sales will lie in leveraging AI.   Artificial Intelligence is an incredible way to exploit data to drive productivity, sales, and growth.  Almost every process a business undertakes can be evaluated and tweaked to drive business toward maximizing the successful outcomes of sales teams and salespeople.  AI’s strong capabilities are poised to revolutionize almost all segments of sales management.   AI will soon revolutionize sales by driving sales teams to better communicate build trust, and scale efforts more competitively.  

Communication and Style

AI learns about communications, speech patterns, tones, tempo and more from customer calls and interactions.  AI will examine keywords, language, and style of emails, and messages to understand responses and results. Client interactions are evaluated for how and what triggers can be utilized most effectively.  Customers’ responses are evaluated in parallel rounding out the predictive algorithms and potential success of each engagement. Systems will quickly be able to let salespeople know over time to potentially use different words, change speech patterns on calls, reach out with specific dialogue.  These insights start to drive instant deliverables to train and coach employees throughout the sales cycles they are engaged in. 

Client Interactions

As data is analyzed prospects can be predicted more effectively identifying current opportunities, future opportunities and added value upsells.  Each client’s personality and corporate personality are added for analysis for deeper insights and predictability. All data is considered and evaluated in real-time while utilizing big data analyzing client interactions. AI can then be hyper-personalized for each client becoming an incredible prediction tool on how to sell to clients, and what to sell to clients, as well as identifying the best prospects.   

Efficiency and Effective Time Management

AI-enabled bots are helping employees focus on being more productive and selling more.   Salespeople can stop wasting time on non-productive activities and let bots do more work.  Bots can be utilized more effectively by reporting, entering data, and moving information from one system to another.   Ultimately sales time can be maximized by building relationships and close more sales. Leads that are at risk of falling through the cracks can be more effectively identified and proactively take action.  Systems can take the lead in providing very specific data patterns that allow salespeople insights in higher potential leads, and provide more valuable insights.  

Sales Part 2 – Ways AI is changing sales and how to adapt. 

Follow the rest of our series on AI, or contact us for more information.

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