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Growth Strategies

Increase your profits, and long term success

Increase Your Revenue

Meicor will provide systems, benchmarks and training that will increase your patient and practice profitability.  We maximize current and future opportunities leveraging your existing resources.

Why are we different?

We are strategic advisors that specialize in successful practice growth and generating higher sustainable profitability.

Our expertise of medical practices and the health industry isn’t cookie cutter. We understand the pathway to medical practice growth and sustainability.  We deliver individual practice strategies and programs.

We take clear decisive steps in growing your patients, and increasing their value, then look to your operational side and,  maximize your revenue.

We utilize, Maximize and deploy high-value solutions, and returns.

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Add a Cash-Pay Side
— cash services are a big business. Try offering additional services that may not be covered by insurance, on a cash-pay basis to patients.

Other Services
— Work-Related Services –  physicals, drug screens, health screenings for employers, insurance companies, and government agencies can be a great way to get more business and find new patients.

— Renegotiate payer contracts annually
— Review and renegotiate your rates.
— Add new ones at least annually.

Scheduling Efficiency
— Evaluate Scheduling
— You want to see as many patients as possible, but you don’t want to downplay quality.

Practice Revenue

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— Buy Rather than Lease
— Evaluate your financials and the location and see if you can buy.
— Rent can be a huge cost and money that’s not going towards any future investment in your practice.
— Bill for Missed Appointments
— No-shows cost your practice money. Institute a cancellation policy and charge for these.

Review Billing
— Submit bills daily, follow up on denied claims,
— do not let revenue sit out in unpaid claims.
— Check Insurance Often
— Copy insurance cards and verify the insurance is up-to-date at the time the appointment is made, to avoid any billing headaches later on.
— Let Patients Pay Online
— If patients have a way to pay online, there’s less likely to be a delay in payment case of the bill getting lost in the mail.

Hire More Staff (You heard us correctly!)
— Avoid overtime and offer flexible hours or shifts.

— Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy
— Make sure that your marketing metrics are measurable.
— Get rid of marketing that does not have a positive ROI.
— Consider Outsourcing (?) Is it cheaper to outsource some office work?

— Join a Purchasing Club
— Save on office and cleaning supplies.

— Make sure you have authorization on all services over a specified dollar amount.

Capture other Revenue
— Refills by Virtual Appointment
— Instead of calling in prescription refills, do them via virtual visit with patients so you can charge for the service!

Expand Your Medical Services
— Consider adding alternative medicine and therapy to your office's list of services. Medical massage, chiropractic services, or even a a nutritionist helps differentiate you from your competition. Give Back
— Donate some time or sponsor community groups that are improving healthcare. The goal is to get your name out there

Government Contracts
— Apply for contracts that bring patients into your practice.
— Review Your ICD-10 Codes
— At least monthly make sure you have the correct codes.
— Collect Co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses at the time of service.

Your Ideal Patient Persona
—Learn what your practice's ideal patient is and then focus marketing to that target audience.

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