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Meicor provides a full range of business and management consulting services. We focus on taking a strategic approach to our clients’ needs in every project we are involved in. We are a small business consulting firm in the United States and Canada. Our Outlook allows our clients to maximize: customers, segments, products, production, revenue, profits, geography and products value and profitability.

With you, we optimize your processes, enable you to achieve your business goals, and help you become more competitive and profitable.

Impactful Results

Meicor hits the ground running.  We bring long-term sustainable improved efficiency and productiveness of your business almost immediately.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment  There is no waiting time for training or getting up to speed.  We also utilize existing resources which have been developed over time saving even more time and money.

Worlds of Innovation

We are at a crossroads where companies have to be agile and ready for rapid change and industry disruption.  Technology is lowering the barrier to entry and changing the competitive landscape.

Management Consulting   Business Consulting   Startup Consulting    Strategy Consulting    Value Chain Analysis     Sales Empowerment     Coaching/Mentoring.       Book Here

Management & Strategy

Insights in to the future using industry and consumer trends.
High Growth Potentiality
Organizational Opportunities
Sales and Marketing
Startup and Early Stage

Key Benefits

Long Term Opportunities

Trends and Momentum
Advanced Market Predictability
Customer Preferences and Identification
Demographic Shifts
Asset Integration and Utilization

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Business Consulting


Operations and Process    Finance Interim Management    M&A Integration    Mentoring Programs

Solve Problems

Immediate Insights

Operational Expertise    Process Development     Increased Productivity    Reduced Expenses    Higher Profitability    Growth Management   Specialized Resourcing    Highly    Talented Leaders

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Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership Growth    Decision Making    Discipline    Role Development    Emotional Intelligence


Professional Development

Confidence    Accountability    Conflict     Management    Personal    Understanding     Creativity    Emotional    Intelligence    Team Development    Role Clarity ++

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To create an effective strategy you must have the ability to put everything you have together and devise a cohesive plan that will get the job done.

The components of your strategy include:   A Clearly detailed vision with the ability to anticipate what lies ahead.

Big goals that maximize your objectives.    A cohesive plan that will get you where you want to go.   

Excellent tactics which utilize the tools and resources we provide.  Go To Strategy

Process Improvement

Meicor helps you leverage processes as a strategic differentiator to meet competitive challenges.

Our approach will help you focus on continuous process improvement and
business process management.

Our Services Include:
Process Assessment and Value Targeting. Business Process Improvement Sourcing and Procurement/Supply Chain Operations.  Go to Process


From idea to early stage we have 20+ years developing companies from the ground up.  We have an incredible breadth of experience to guide you and take you where you need to go, and when the time is right.

Meicor will help change your 10 year success rate from 28% to over 90%.

Take Start-Up clients receive assistance in planning, forecasting, operations, finance, planning legal, and human resources

Fuel your new business with: customer acquisition strategies, customer loyalty strategies, pricing strategies, market verticals along with scalable capabilities.   Go to Startup

Transform and Grow

We help you gain competitive advantage through a transformative culture of agility and innovation.

Nimble strategies are essential in today’s business environment.  Technology is creating new opportunities and new markets while eroding barriers to entry in existing markets.

Adept companies must innovate.

We help companies innovate with:  New Products, New Approaches, and new models to provide more client value more efficiently.  Go to Revenue


Well-balanced, thoroughly supported and credible valuation services are the cornerstone of this practice area.   We provide sound business judgment, information gathering expertise and the analytical skills necessary to approach valuation engagements in nearly every industry for companies of all types.

Every  business is unique in its particular market and competitive advantages.   Taken in to consideration:  Management, National or regional influences, and  financials. Internal and external factors greatly affect the value of companies, often making the valuation process complex and involved.   Maximize your companies value and potential outcomes.   Go to Valuations

Technology Consulting

Having a long history in Technology we are positioned to practical and strategic advise.  We creates technology solutions which are planned, built and delivered to solve the problem the first time.

Without question the impact of technology on business strategy continues to increase. Meicor’s technology practices help take the worry out of planning, developing, sustaining and keeping up with new and innovative technologies.

We consult and advise on: Cloud Platforms, Custom Development
Data and Analytics, IT Strategy, Mobile App Development. Learn More

Acquisition Integration

Buying, Selling or Merging, we will evaluate the strategic benefits, terms, and targets to maximize the long term value of the transaction and minimize your exposure.

Post transaction services:  We will evaluate the intended benefits then create the strategic plan and timeline to integrate and realize the intended benefits.

Human capital, technology, accounting, supply chain, operations, and resource management are strategically considered closely in our planning.    Go to Acquisition Integration


Solid leadership is critical to your company’s bottom-line success, impacting employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Executive coaching can be the catalyst for profound change.

Over the past 20+ years, we’ve successfully coached C-level executives, senior managers and high potentials (aspirational leaders) from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you, your team and your organization to achieve your greatest goals.   Go to Coaching

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