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Phase 1: Research

Phase 2: Plan and Strategize

Phase 3: Testing

Phase 4: Fine Tuning

Phase 1: We dig in deep and get the product sales history, product rankings and look at the keywords. We start preparing and segmenting areas that need improvement

Phase 2: We establish a sales and marketing plan which incorporates both organic changes as well as your advertising plan. We will make all the product changes, and implement them.

Phase 3: Test, Test, Test. This is where we use A/B testing to find out what works best for your product. What is getting the best sell through. We will change things up and find the best methodology. We keep revising and testing.

Phase 4: Here is where we keep the same cycle of revisions and testing until we are satisfied that the ersults we have acheived have been fully maximized. We may try some unconventional approaches at this stage. Its our way of making sure the product is performing optimally.

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