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Apple WWDC – June 2019

Apple WWDC - June 2019

June 4, 2019

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Posted bymallen|
Decisions are complex that need to be prioritized and assessed. Assets and resources are critical to great decisions.
Posted bymallen|
Decisions are complex that need to be prioritized and assessed. Assets and resources are critical to great decisions.
Posted bymallen|
Posted bymallen|

Apple WWDC – June 2019

Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) on June 3rd had an interesting and mixed reaction. From the new IOs and IpadOS to a New Mac Pro...

Apple June 3 2019 WWDC Summary and Comments

So as always there was a lot of hype about the WWDC in June 2019, this years event was no different.  To save some time here is the punchline in order of what I consider the most relevant.  You can skip down to the bits that are the most relevant to you.

  1. Single On and Security (alternate login)

  2. IpadOS (and not because it’s a shinier coin)

  3. IOS 13

  4. MacOS Catalina

  5. Siri Natural Voice

  6. New MacPro

  7. New Display

  8. Car Play

Apple Sign on and Security:
Basically, the new sign on is just like using Google or Facebook on websites to login when you are asked for credentials. (that little login in button at the button).

The API Apple is making available truly changes how websites can follow you or learn anything about you.  It kind of seems like a kick in the teeth to her competitors but also a huge step forward in protecting your information.  With the new Apple sign on you now have a way to protect your data and your information. (let us celebrate!). What basically happens is you will get a choice what information you actually give to the website in terms of your email (and I suspect other personal information as time goes on)  Apple will act as a relay between you and the website and produce a fake email address and you can use to relay and communicate if ever necessary. The result will be your private information is protected, or protected to a greater extent.

MAC OS Catalina (Great name!)

A New version of MacOS is almost here, and some of the takeaways are welcome! The big take ways will be our departure from Itunes apps for everyone everywhere.  Users will be faced now with three distinct stores for Music, Podcasts and TV. All the early releases look fun and colorful with better ways to see what you may like and let Apple choreograph that part of the buying process a little better.  

MacOS is also adding the ability to natively use your Ipad as a secondary display.  (Not new at all, but the integration will be nice). Voice control will become more prevalent allowing you to control everything from apps to volume.  Findmyapp (phone etc) will become a bit better using Bluetooth geofencing or beacons to find devices.

Coding for MacOS:  
There are some coding changes that will make some coding more efficient and faster.  SwiftUI is the new framework which will allow for considerably more drag and drop functionality with less typing while coding.  (That seems a bit slower but maybe will save lots of lines of snippets or code)

The New Mac Pro
The first thing I will say welcome to the design which was so great from years gone by.  (Those from the pre 2013 style). That is a very personal opinion so please don’t be a hater it’s just my opinion).  I think now when investing in a Mac at least you will feel like your getting a giant block of aluminum to justify your purchase.  I’m sure it will be beefy and heavy like days gone by pre-2013 (I’m sentimental to the earlier MacPro’s). There are some strong technology bits that will be available giving designers and creators the platform they need.  New Xeon processors with up to 28 cores and up to 1.5tb of memory will make easy work of all the intense video processing that you can throw at it. The graphics will give you a choice between the Radeon Pro Vega II or the 580X.  So the stock base video card is literally a placeholder which you will upgrade. (Clearly to offer the retail price). I highly doubt anyone buying this system will choose the base GPU. One thing Apple has done has offloaded some of the processing to dedicated graphics processors. The true benefits will be seen when we can see some of the new MacPro’s in action. The big news will be the support for three streams of data at 8k or 12 streams at 4k. (this is where you think of the guy in the chair where is hair is blowing back because the speakers just exploded.) Basic cost for an 8core with 32gb of memory is one dollar shy of $6000 bucks. ($5999) Expect configurations to reach $35,000, and satisfy anyone’s hunger for power for video and creative rendering.  Apple claims this is a competitive offering in this space. I think that is probably true testing several configurations.

The New 32″ Retina Display
Price:  $4999. (Yikes)

I will start with this baby is expensive, really expensive.  Its a 32″ 6k display with Extreme Dynamic(XDR) range. You will be able to connect 6 displays, contrast and pixel density is on par with what you would expect. The basic cost is $4999 and $999 for the stand. (Yes, you read that correctly) The stand. For $999 I want someone to come set up my monitor with the stand, calibrate it, then sing we are the champions.  

IOS 13

So its that time of the year when Apple releases the new shiny IOS to prepare us for the November Iphone Release?
Compatibility: Iphone 6 to Current

Here is what Apple has indicated we will see in this IOS Iteration: (partial list just some of my highlights)
System: Dark Mode, Single Sign On
Photos: Portrait Lighting Control, Curated View of your Moments, New Photo Editing, New Video Editing
Maps: New 3D with a Street 360 View
Siri: New Voice.
Audio: Pair 2 Pair of Airpods.
Messages: New Memoji (and one that doesn’t require a true depth camera)
Other: Changes to reminder with smart lists and Siri, Keyboard swiping natively built in, Native Font management editing documents, Sharing with improved sharing, Quick Toolbar, Smart Lists. Health is adding womans menstral cycle tracking and more.

Apple is claiming that speeds are faster all around with unlock times improving by 30 percent and Apps will lauch twice as fast (and be smaller).

As always as the betas start rolling out (and the dev site has IOS 13 available now) we will start to see how the new IOS rolls out.


IpadOS is now going rogue and becoming an OS all to itself.  I guess there is some recognition the days of notebooks maybe seeing a different horizon, or tablets are becoming so good they can take the place of your notebook.  The new OS will allow multiple apps to run side by side or multiple open windows from the same app. You will be to compare websites, or notes etc or just have multiple interactions on the same screen.

You will be able to plug in a USB Drive.  Seems like you could always do that with some third party drives but this will give a welcome integration for your media or other files you can open.  Again seems like Apple has truly accepted the tablets real place in your life.

IpadOS is interesting for several reasons that have everything to do with tablets relevance in the mobility space but Ipads pummeling sales (which are now leveling off). Apple which was dominiant is is playing catch up with a Microsoft who’s Surface has been growing at 39% last year. Apple pretty much missed the boat and ingnored the tablet desktop replacement trend. Arguably the Ipad pro is a step in the right direction but it has a very tough time competing with the Surface in many ways for most business users.

The other thing is there is a huge trend migrating application function and form on desktops with Mobility type look and feel and this seems to be at odds with the trend. Apple may be just be trying to hold on to what it has and solidify whatever foothold it has.  In 2018 sales flatlined and stopped the very rapid decline or flatening sales. So this change and update may just give the right mix of expandability and function to get the Ipad back in the game. I live and work in a mixed MacOS, IOs, Windows, and Linux and I’ve been feeling fairly strongly for some time my aging Ipad will be replaced with a Surface. Given the IpadOS maybe there is a strong enough case to revisit Ipad this when its time.

Siri Voice

Kind of a sleeper but Siri can recognize different voices and dictate messages.  Seems like catch up to Google so not that interesting.

Car Play

New third-party app compatibility like Waze (Wahoo) and Pandora.  I’ll keep my complete disinterest in CarPlay to myself which falls well behind the cars I’ve used it in for most functionality.  Waze and Pandora may give it a heartbeat but I doubt its clumsiness will never seem to make sense.

So the big changes will be:  WatchOS will get its own store.  Apple is adding some native apps like calculator or voice memo. There will be updates to health for activity tracking and for woman alerts on fertility.  

The most import update will be apps can finally be run independently of the tethered device.  I welcome the ability to leave home without my phone like Android users have been able to do for years.  I think this is long overdue but definitely welcome.


I always take a hard look at what Apple is really doing and maybe will the chips will land when they do.  The announcements today represents a commitment surrounding the issue of personal privacy. It recognizes the technology shift in tablet users and wants to make sure this market doesn’t shrink any further.  It advances your wearables functionality and breaks its bonds and allows the technology to be freed as it should have been from the start. I’m not sure I buy into the changes in the app stores seems like it maybe Apple trying to throw up some smoke and mirrors that are haunting her antitrust woes that are emerging.  Time will tell. The introductions of the new hardware are also fantastic if your a creator and have been waiting for a system worthy of Apples name to provide the tools and horsepower they needed.

There are a lot of welcome changes, and some we will have to keep our eyes open and see how they all come together.   WWDC Fall, lets wait to see what that brings.

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